[CFF] add planning feature project management, gantt chart


I would like to develop/contribute an entirely new feature, to visualize roadmaps or development progress. This is a call for a request (CFF) if this is in your interest and has the potential to be merged.


In every project (which uses Jira), project planning is a big question. There are robust tools out there since centuries, like Gantt charts. Many plugins for Jira exists, which bring this functionality. In many companies, Jira is a centrally managed software and adding a plugin, even is they are for free, is not an option ... because of security or not enough capacity to maintain them. This feature should enable individuals to quickly visualize epics, stories, etc .over time and additionally provide quick editing features.

The value for the user would be to not waiting for central IT dept. and being instantaneously enabled to visualize or mass edit tickets.

Users with the highest interest might be freelancers, consultants or any other people who frequently change projects and can't wait for long-running application and installation processes. Also, "regular" Jira user might use it when for some reason they are not able to get other Jira plugins centrally installed.

User stories

  • a freelancer wants to provide a visual representation of the tickets he/she is working on, showing dependencies and milestones
  • a project manager wants to update many tickets, because of changed timeline in the project
  • a project manager wants to verify tickets are in the right order and dependencies are correct
  • a team lead wants to make tasks dependencies, lead time and parallelism within his/her team transparent to everyone

Core ideas / features

(using MoSCoW prioritization scheme, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MoSCoW_method)

  • [must] provide predefined queries, to e.g. fetch all epics in a Jira project
  • [shouls] let a user define custom queries, to select
  • [should] support custom fields for start/end and grouping
  • [must] support 'batch-like' mass edit, means first many tickets can be moved within the timeline, then there is a separate SAVE button which uploads all changed tickets to the server
  • [could] support multiple parallel planning scenarios
  • [should] support grouping by teams defined in Jira Assistant (existing feature)
  • [should] support grouping by users on the ticket itself
  • [won't] custom styling or white-labeling of the graph
  • [could] export data to other visualization tools, like https://online.officetimeline.com/ or others
  • [could] support show/hide of columns (customization of the visualization)
  • [could] support milestones for visualization
  • [could] support phases for visualization

Implementation ideas

  • use default fields in tickets, like
    • implementation start / end -- to define
    • "blocks ticket ..." or "is blocked by ..."
    • completeness (in percent)
  • Where possible re-use existing open source libraries, like https://github.com/robicch/jQueryGantt