401 Unauthenticated page is shown even after being authenticated with Jira

Some times when you try to access Jira Assistant, you may not be able to access it and 401 Unauthenticated error page is displayed as shown in following screenshot:


Reasons: Primarily their are 3 known reasons for this error to happen and are as follows:

  1. You are not authenticated with Jira in same browser. To ensure if you are authenticated just click on "Open Jira url" button from the screen and see if Jira opens and you were able to access it.
  2. Your company has blocked access to Jira API's and hence this tool was not able to access the API's. If others in your company is able to use Jira Assistant or if you were able to use Jira Assistant when you reinstall, then this may not likely be the case and can be ignored.
  3. Some how permission for the extension to access Jira Url is revoked. Look at the details below to grant permission for Jira Assistant.

Check if Permission is granted for Jira Assistant:

  1. Look at the console and see if their are any warnings about the permission like "Permission not granted for ***" as shown in below screenshot: image

  2. Go to extension details page and see if Site access permission is revoked like shown in following screenshots. Note both the below screenshot represent that the extension access to Jira is revoked: image (or) image

If you see any of the above mentioned issue, then it means either you or your organization has revoked access to the extension intentionally or unintentionally. This could have happened due to some other extenal settings / installations as well. To resolve this issue grant access to extension by following one of the way shown below.

Granting Permission for Jira Assistant: You will have to grant access to all the Jira servers you integrate with Jira Assistant. Their are two ways to grant access to extension.

  1. Simple but less secured way is to grant access to all the sites just by selecting "On all sites" under "Site access" like shown in following screenshot: image

  2. Most secured and recommended way is to individually grant access to each and every Jira Server you integrate with Jira Assistant. To do that select "On specific sites" under "Site access" and add all the Jira Server root url. This would provide access only to the mentioned sites and is more secure. image

Note: In Chrome, to open extension details page, right click on JA icon in your browser and click Manage extension.