Add Copy WorkLog

As a jira-assistant user, I want to copy an existing worklog, so that a new worklog is pre-populated.

Hi relkcaminc, Copy option is already available in worklog. Go to calendar view and right click on an worklog entry and you will see copy worklog option. You can also drag and drop the worklog by pressing Alt key which will copy the worklog to dropped date and time instead of moving it. If you did not press the Alt key then it will move the worklog.

Hope that helps. If you are expecting something else please let me know.

I am awaiting input from @relkcaminc regarding this request.

Thank you, that works, I was looking for an option in the Ticketwise and Daywise worklog gadgets, not the calendar.

When you say "that works", are you happy with the existing option or you are expecting for an option in other gadgets also? Just to mention this option is also available in pending uploads gadget.

Hi @relkcaminc , It looks like you are happy with the option which is already available. So closing this issue.