Add a timer or stopwatch to track working on a ticket and log hours

I get few requests on adding a timer / stopwatch for worklog creation. This has been already part of Jira Assistant until early 2017, but was later removed as part of major rewrite. This is due to the fact that it's not being used by anyone based on Google Analytics data.

If any of you feel this would be a useful feature, please +1 or leave your comments on how this can be implemented.

I need suggestions from users on how to track this. I could think of some of the use cases where I think tracking worklog would be difficult from a browser extensions perspective:

  • User starting the timer on one issue and working on multiple tickets simultaneously
  • User having the timer running, but in between, they attends few meetings which should not actually be captured as part of this story
  • Timer running for more than one day. There is no way a browser extension can identify when user logs in and sign off from his work.

Please provide some suggestions on what could be useful and based on that I will try and prioritize this work.