Add an option to get either ticket number or summary

Add an option to get either ticket number or summary when listing the ticket for worklog. Indeed, we may use General/worklog/default meeting ticket for worklog feature but instead of giving ticket reference that is not human understandable, we could have an option to list instead the summary of each ticket.

This feature would be very useful :)

Hi @molosse14 , It looks like you refer to multiple places and hence I am not clear where exactly you are expecting summary of ticket. Would you be able to provide more details? A screenshot would make it even better for understanding.

Hi @shridhar-tl, it takes place in calendar/worklogs frame - when you select the ticket to be worklogged you just have the reference list, but ref number are not meaningful - It would be great to offer a choice to get either the current behavior or displaying the beginning of ticket title, because we do not remember which ticket is referencing the subject we would like to log. worklog

This would be implemented in beta version of JiraAssistant and will be available soon for chrome users and some times later for Firefox users.

Hi @molosse14 - Closing this issue assuming this is working fine for you. If you still have any queries, you can reopen this ticket or create a new issue.