Can't connect to jira. Reinstall needed.

Hello. First, many thanks for this really handy extension. I have an issue that forces me to reinstall extension in average 1 time per week. At some point of time, it tells me that i'm not authorized. When I open my Jira page, it's there. Only extension remove and re-install help.

Today I got this issue again, wen to the Jira page to recheck if I'm authenticated and come back to extension. This time it won't load at all: image

That's something new. Maybe it helps to debug the issue.

Hello, I also have this issue with the same stacktrace in the console. Is there any news on this bug? Thanks

Hello @shridhar-tl, this bug is really annoying and force me to reinstall the extension sometimes several times per week.

Do you need some information or help to debug it?

Have same issue on my work PC, ready to give needed information. May be you can add some ability to reconnect with no reinstallation. BTW where are setting like user group information, week settings and so on stored?

I have this issue too. We use CAS for authentication for Jira, if that makes any difference. It seems unrelated to any CAS expiration though, since it often survives this.

Where I end up is the 401/Unauthenticated page, but re-authenticating does not help.

It does seem like our system also may have a shorter timeout in Jira than the timeout in CAS, if that helps track this down at all.

Hi All, I hope this issue would have been resolved as part of #214. If anyone is still facing this issue, please provide additional details as mentioned in the ticket.

Closing this ticket assuming this issue is resolved.