Custom report improvement?

Currently custom report can not display ticket No. and there's no icons like in default my open issue.

Is it possible to improve this?

@a5066987 Custom report can display ticket number. Select key from the list of fields and it will show the ticket number. I will think about icons and see how simple is it to implement.

@shridhar-tl I searched a lot of keywords just not "key", thank you!

A all new custom report was being developed and would be available soon for all the users. Based on this report, existing custom report would be deprecated and will be removed soon once this new report becomes stable enough for use.

Hi there. I converted all my custom reports from old to new. New custom reports are better unambiguously. But, there are few issues. First one, I not able to drag and drop column to group data on dashboards, second one, as soon as I tried to move gadgets on the dashboard with new custom reports, app crashed with error in console:

4.05d0d9fe.chunk.js:2 TypeError: Cannot read property 'settings' of undefined at a.value (18.41666616.chunk.js:1) at a.value (18.41666616.chunk.js:1) at xo (4.05d0d9fe.chunk.js:2) at Ra (4.05d0d9fe.chunk.js:2) at vs (4.05d0d9fe.chunk.js:2) at cu (4.05d0d9fe.chunk.js:2) at uu (4.05d0d9fe.chunk.js:2) at eu (4.05d0d9fe.chunk.js:2) at 4.05d0d9fe.chunk.js:2 at t.unstable_runWithPriority (4.05d0d9fe.chunk.js:2)

I debug some code and found that when I try to move gadgets on dashboard with new custom report, fired UNSAFE_componentWillReceiveProps calling this.loadReportData(e.query) but e do not has query and this.loadReportData fired with undefined. This cause crash of app

Hi @Azzmurr - Thank you for reporting this issue. The issue you reported is fixed in version 2.1 and is already published. Once you have the update, it should get resolved.