Daywise worklog dates are always one day in arrears

I started using the jira-assistant on Monday, 7 May 2018. I logged time all week and that time shows up in my calendar gadgets and tickewise worklog just fine. However, the daywise worklog dates are wrong.

It doesn't matter if I select an existing filter or use a custom date filter, even for just a single day, the "Logged Date" is always in arrears of the actual date.


In this example, the time was logged on 7 May thru the 11 May (last week), but it is showing up as 6 May - 10 May.


In this example, I logged 15 minutes for today, 15 May, for a meeting. Side-by-side on the dashboard, you can see I selected 15 May in the Daywise worklog gadget. However, the logged work is showing as for 14 May.

I've confirmed that the uploaded time on the actual JIRA issue is correct.

I've also tried different date formats on the jira-assistant configuration and it doesn't make a different which format I select, it is always a day in arrears on the Daywise worklog.