Daywise/ticketwise worklog gadgets stopped working

Daywise/ticketwise worklog gadgets stopped working. They were working last week.


This is happening to us as well. Daywise dashboard works fine but no longer works in the gadget view.

I can confirm this is happening, as well.

@OskarPh - I could see their is no date range selected in your screenshot. Please check if you select a date range it is showing the data. @photoghog , @chadb4184 - Please check if this is the case for you as well.

@shridhar-tl I did choose one of the date ranges (either by clicking directly on it or clicking on "Apply"), but I think that's the bug here, none of them "stuck". image image

I can also confirm the same is happening if attempting to select a custom date range, as well.

@OskarPh , @photoghog , @chadb4184 - This issue has been resolved in v0.63 and will be available to you once your version gets updated. If you still face any issue please let me know.

Also please add a comment if your issue gets resolved so that I will close this ticket.

It's working now. Thanks a lot!