Export worklogs to CalDAV server

Before-begin checklist

  • [x] I are already using latest version of Jira Assistant and Browser.
  • [x] I verified, that there are no any similar suggestion already requested by others?
  • [x] I already saw FAQ at https://www.jiraassistant.com and didn't find any solution for my problem

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

I wanted to see my wrok logs in my macos calendar, and in google calendar, and in todoist, and, idk, everywhere... to plan my work. Unfortunately, only one way i can do it, is an export to csv -> use custom script to convert into ical files, and export them into calendar, which is sooooooooo hard...

Describe the solution you'd like

Create custom self-hosted server, which will work with Jira Assistant to fetch work logs each 5-10 minutes. This is quite hard to implement, but here are the benefits: 1) no need to open jira assistant for exporting 2) no need to think about it, it will work out of the box.

Describe alternatives you've considered

Create worklog export to caldav url. It is the easiest way, but still not so useful

More information

I can actually create golang caldav server, but i completely not understand, how to integrate it with jira assistant. I have some stuff done already for atlassian api, but obviously, jira assistant provides more features with easier interface. so in my perspective, i think it's better to combine, than make custom app.