Firefox - is not opening after latest 2.1 update

Extension is not opening in Firefox after latest update Firefox 80.0.1 (64-bit) Ubuntu 16.04 - Ubuntu 4.15.0-118.119~16.04.1-generic 4.15.18

It works well with windows and unfortunately, I do not have any system except Windows to test it. Can you please provide more details on what is the behaviour you are observing? Are you seeing the menu when you click on JA icon or not?

Can you try to access following urls and see if it loads properly. Also see if their are any errors in console:

  1. moz-extension://5289744f-3a44-4931-8c86-c6e8acd616fa/index.html
  2. moz-extension://5289744f-3a44-4931-8c86-c6e8acd616fa/menu.html
  1. I can see Menu but clicking on its points does not have any reactions
  2. Provided URL are not opening
  3. No console error are present

Note: After Executing mentioned above steps - I got access Assistant at address moz-extension://9073d4e8-93f0-40c6-b4db-7f6300e6c674/index.html#/2/dashboard/0

So basically you can close this defect - look like local troubles Thanks in advance

Based on your confirmation, closing this issue. Please feel free to reopen this ticket if you continue to face this issue again.