HTTP/400 answer from Jira ignored while creating worklog entry

Hi, First, thank you for this great extension! makes my life much easier 👍

Here is my concern: On a (cloud) Jira Project I changed the configuration to prevent users from creating work log entries on Epics. I did this: As a consequence, Jira now answers with a HTTP/400 response while attempting to create a work-log entry on an Epic. But JiraAssistant seems to ignore it. image

Steps to reproduce:

  • Add a new work-log entry on an Epic from the calendar view
  • reload the page (Shift+F5)

Actual Behaviour: While adding the work-log entry, the "Add worklog" window stay opened, and no worklog in the calendar view While reloading the page, I can see the work-log entry in the calendar view, but not sync (marked as to be uploaded, which always fails)

Expected Behaviour: display the error message returned by Jira in a pop-up window(?)

Best regards