Import Settings never works

Basic Details

  • What is the version of Jira Assistant you are using? Chrome Extension 2.41
  • Browser & Version? Chrome 107.0.5304.87
  • What OS are you using? : [e.g. iOS, Windows] OSX

Describe the bug Launch Jira Assistant, go to Settings -> 'User Groups' and Export Settings.

In another browser (In my case, Chrome on a different OSX machine) launch Jira Assistant. Go to Settings -> 'User Groups' and Import the resulting file.

I get nothing added to my environment. Console log reports 3 entries on "Import logs":

  • Backup v1.1 created ton 07-nov-2022 12:06
  • Settings not available in backup
  • Groups import skipped: no integration found for <url>

Visual inspection of the exported jab file shows all of my users and groups are properly saved in it.

Expected behavior I expected my configuration of users and groups to be imported into the new browser.