Import worklog doesn't work

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Bug Description

I tried to import my worklog today and noticed that nothing got imported. The console threw the following error:

Uncaught TypeError: e.replace is not a function
    at Object.transformHeader (290.c208ff31.chunk.js:1:665)
    at g.parse (997.d9a5e47f.chunk.js:2:15721)
    at c.parse (997.d9a5e47f.chunk.js:2:14506)
    at f.parseChunk (997.d9a5e47f.chunk.js:2:6148)
    at f._chunkLoaded (997.d9a5e47f.chunk.js:2:9548)
    at FileReader.<anonymous> (997.d9a5e47f.chunk.js:2:18643)

After some digging, I figured out that the loop that iterates through the headers (of the CSV file) and formats them also tries to format a function called "init" which leads to the crash. The line where the crash happens is

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