Imported worklogs are calculated incorrectly in Epic Summaries and Time Spent summaries

Hello, thanks for this great tool. I've been using it a while and its made my life significantly easier.

However, the project management team I work with recently discovered that my worklog entries are throwing their reports and epic summaries off.

Repro steps To illustrate, here are some steps to reproduce the problem. We are using Jira Cloud and Tempo. However, the error surfaces in vanilla Jira Cloud reports and exports.

  • Create an Epic: "Test Summarized Work Log"
  • Create an Issue linked to the Epic: "Test Issue"
  • Create a CSV file with the following content, where PATTCONS-845 is the ticket number of the test issue.
Ticket No,Start Date,Timespent,Comment
PATTCONS-845,5/26/2021 8:00,1:00,Test log 1
PATTCONS-845,5/26/2021 9:00,1:25,Test log 2
  • Open Jira Assistant (v 2.31)
  • Click Import worklog
  • Choose the sample CSV file
  • Check "Directly upload worklog to Jira"
  • Click "Upload 2 worklogs"

How it surfaces in vanilla Jira Cloud

  • View the test issue in Jira search.

  • Export the view to "Excel CSV (all fields)" image

  • RESULT: The "Time Spent" field is 5100 seconds or 5100/3600 = 1.4 hours. image

  • EXPECTED: The "Time Spent" field should be 8100 seconds (2.25 hours).

  • View the project's Time Tracking Report. Reports -> Time Tracking Report -> Configure the report.

  • RESULT: The "Time Spent" column displays 1.25 hours. image

  • EXPECTED: The "Time Spent" column should display 2.25 hours

How it surfaces in Tempo

  • Open the test issue.

  • Click "Open Tempo"

  • Verify that the logged time is 2.25 hours. image

  • Open the test epic

  • Click "Open Summary Panel"

  • RESULT: The Summary panel shows 1.4h. image

  • EXPECTED: The Summary panel should show 2.15h.

  • View the test issue in Jira search with the "Time spent" field shown.

  • RESULT: The "Time spent" field shows "1 hour, 25 minutes" image

  • EXPECTED: The "Time spent" field should show "2 hour, 15 minutes"

Thanks in advance for looking at this issue.

Mike Wills