Inbuilt Planning poker to support collabration

A new planning poker module has to be added with following capabilities:

  1. Support to pick stories to be estimated
  2. Invite team members by sharing url / room id.
  3. Once estimated, automatically update story points in Jira

This would be first module in Jira Assistant which supports collaboration across users.

Hi, it looks like the search may need some finetuning as most of the tickets I'm searching for don't show up. One example below.


@RyanPoulier - The issue reported about issue picker has been resolved. While it is already available in Web version, you would see the updates in extension once you JA updates to v2.44. Hence considering this ticket as done and closing it. Please feel free to reopen it if you still see any issue.

Hi, first of all, thanks for the great tool! :-)

I was wondering, is the above mentioned feature

3. Once estimated, automatically update story points in Jira

already implemented?

Hi @toebgen - Thank you for contacting me. I had temporally deprioritized this feature as I see more work needed than initially planned and the usage of this module is slightly at the lower end. However that would definitely be part of my picks in next quarter once all the current enhancements are done.

Continue to provide your feedbacks and suggestions to improve Jira Assistant.