Login error

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Click extension button on jira page.
  2. OR click extension button on other page and enter jira account url and click Integrate. Expected: see extension menu. Actual result: Error "One or more of the actions failed" is displayed instead.

Microsoft Windows 11 Microsoft Edge 103.0.1264.77 Other extensions are disabled.

Can you see what is the error reported in console? Providing console screenshots would help me identify / resolve the issues quicker.

I am also looking for options to provide better error reporting instead of every time asking users for console log.

Additionally, Edge is currently having v2.36, but already v2.39 is published and is currently being reviewed by store review team. For Edge, I expect the review to be completed within another 3 working days, while for Chrome and Firefox it is already available.

While v2.39 already has some fixes for integration, in upcoming version, I am working on enhancements to reduce issues by trying to workaround known problems.

Are you still facing this issue @BorisB? If yes, please provide additional details as requested above.

Additionally, error messages are improved in Jira Assistant v2.41. So once latest version is published, you may start seeing more appropriate / technical error messages which may help in resolving the issue.

As there are no updates in this issue, I believe this issue has been resolved and closing it. Please feel free to reopen this issue with all the required details if you face it again.