New Logo Suggestion

I suggest to use this logo for the project.


I can upload the source files in SVG and all other size required.

Thank you @iraszl . I hope their wont be any copyrights related issue for this logo / image to be used in Jira Assistant.

I will use this logo based on comments from users. I will check with few known uses and others can +1 this logo if they like it over the current one.

Great. You won't have copyrights issues. I created the logo from scratch. It's very simple because it has to work as a favicon.

Hi @iraszl , Can you please upload SVG file for this icon. As a first step I will use this icon in Firefox version and check the response from the users. I will observe it for a week and then will apply it to Chrome extension. Once again thank you for your contribution.

Sorry @shridhar-tl ! I didn't notice the request. Here is the svg.

Do you need anything else from me?

Hi @iraszl , thank you for uploading the icon. This icon will be used in next version of JiraAssist which is going to be published in another week.

[Update]: I need the images in different sizes I tried to convert the image to png with 16, 24, 32 & 48 px ratio and the corners are breaking. It is not properly visible as well with 24px size which is supposed to be used as icon in browser. Of course I maintained the ratio while conversion. Can you have a look at it and see if converting it in your end do not have such issue?

Hi @iraszl , your suggestion is valid and your image is also looking good. But when I try to use it as icon or make it smaller in size, that doesn't appear well in browsers. Here is one such example. Hence I am closing this ticket as won't fix. I will try and use your color scheme and generate a new similar logo. Thank you for your contribution.