Sprint capacity planning and tracking

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Request to add capacity planning and tracking feature in your tool. i checked Atlassian plug ins and most of them are paid, kindly do the needful

thanks in advance

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@sunilthota20 - Thank you for your suggestion. This is already planned for future and already I have done some ground work on this. But deprioritized it a little as no one has ever asked for it and this option is partially available in cloud Jira. Moreover I got held up with other priority activities.

However, if you can provide reference of some tools or screenshots, that would give me a better idea on what would be more helpful for users. You can mail me the details along with any suggestions / ideas you have and I will plan for that.

Thanks @shridhar-tl , here is the reference plug in. It is cost so i am looking for free add ons,


Thank you @sunilthota20 for providing this reference. I will have a look and will try to implement it ASAP. However, this is totally a new module and would take some time before this is available. I will update this ticket as and when I have some progress/updates.