Unable to integrate with Google Calendar

I tried to connect with google calendar under General -> Meetings tab.

When I click Click here to sign in with your Google account, it shows Unable to integrate with Google Calendar! tooltips.

I did click Allow integration checkbox on the Google field

I think there is something wrong with Chrome block Google sign-in pop-up windows.

I am able to open the outlook sign-in pop-up windows.

Let me know if I can help with the debug log or more detail. I don't know how to output/have debug log at this moment

This is because google's verification process for App is not completed yet and after the app has more than 'x' number of uses who integrated the calendar, integration will stop working from google end. I had applied for verification months back and still I did not get any update from Google. So I have nothing to do other than waiting for Google to respond back.

Unfortunately, verification process has not yet changed and I am not getting any mails from google as well on this.


@shridhar-tl any updates on this? If I try to add the gcalendar, I get the following error:

This app is blocked This app tried to access sensitive info in your Google Account. To keep your account safe, Google blocked this access.

Best, J.

maybe can change the way to read google calendar? such as user can share the calendar as link to access

Hi @kennethwkz-mm Thank you for your suggestion. But I don't think this is feasable. With link, users will be able to access the calendar, but cannot be used for integration with JA. That link would still open as a google calendar only.

But if you see any other feasibility, please share additional details regarding this.

I have re-initiated the verification process by updating the details. Let me wait and watch for couple of more weeks to see if it gets processed and approved this time.

still Unable to integrate with Google Calendar! :disappointed: