Worklog entries removed from worklog calendar and report after upload

Basic Details

  • Jira Assistan Version : v2.42
  • Browser & Version: Google Chrome Version 107.0.5304.87
  • OS: Ubuntu

Describe the bug Worklog entries getting removed from worklog calendar after upload. This is happening specially with closed ticket. They are getting recorded but not more available to see in the worklog calendar for view. This is affecting worklog report as well. Worklog report not calculating tracking of closed ticket. I understand there is a setting in General -> Worklog -> 'Allow logging work on closed tickets', this is ticked as well. This is happening for both plugin and web version of jira assistant.

To Reproduce Steps to reproduce the behaviour (if applicable / necessary):

  1. Go to 'Jir Assistant'
  2. Click on 'Workdlog Calendar from side menu'
  3. Add a worklog by clicking on calendar. Add a worklog for closed ticket
  4. Click on 'upload' button to upload worklog
  5. The entry will be removed from calendar but it has been uploaded to Jira
  6. The behaviour is same for plugin and web version

Expected behavior The worklog entries should continue to appear on worklog calendar after upload for closed tickets The worklog report should always calculate and report worklog entries for closed tickets

Screenshots image image

Hi @samsuits - Thank you for reporting this issue, however, this is not an issue with Jira Assistant, but an issue with Jira indexing.

Multiple users had reported similar issues and every time this issue is because Jira server is not indexed properly. Please ask your Jira Admin to reindex the Jira server and that should resolve your issue. If you still face this issue after reindexing Jira, I will provide you with the steps to debug the issue. But as of now, I am pretty confident that it has nothing to do with Jira Assistant.

Here is one such random issue caused by Jira indexing: #61. There are several more reported so far.

Hi @samsuits - Did the suggestion solve your issue?