create new issues based on templates

It would be great to have the ability to create issues from Jira Assistant based on pre-defined (by the user) issue templates.

The UI would look something like the bookmark gadget, but instead of bookmarked issues it'd display templates. The templates would include things like default summary, components, etc.

Choosing a template would either directly add a new issue, open a jira assistant internal UI to fill in the blanks or redirect you to the issue create page with your template data pre-entered. (whichever is easier)

I think a lot of this could already be achieved by implementing a smarter and more streamlined clone feature: right click on a bookmarked issue, select clone and be redirected to the issue create page with issue summary, description etc. already filled in with data from the 'template issue'. (This differs from atlassians implementation by having the ability to edit issue fields before cloning)[1]

I know there are commercial add-ons for jira that implement similar features, but these aren't really an option if you aren't the jira admin (or don't have the money).

[1] similar features are available with clone plus