now user day wise report takes only 100 tickets though actual things are more.. Is it possible to fetch all available records from JIRA

This issue was reported by one of the user and I was not able to reproduce this issue. If anyone else face such issue then +1 this issue.

If you face this issue then if possible provide additional information about it which can include messages / errors from console which could be useful for identifying the issue.

We are experiencing this issue. When making a post request to "/api/2/search" the response contains the field "maxResults: 100", but we have more then 100 issues in the search.

Here is the request:

"jql":"worklogAuthor in ('ehren.graber') and worklogDate >= '2018-04-21' and worklogDate < '2018-04-29'",

Here is the response:

  expand: "schema,names",
  issues: [{expand: "operations,versionedRepresentations,editmeta,changelog,renderedFields", id: "15829",…},…],
  maxResults: 100,
  startAt: 0,
  total: 195

Notice that the maxResults is set to 100 and the total exceeds that amount. It appears that the search API is limiting the total issues that are returned.

Changing maxResults parameter for Jira Cloud REST API -

Recommended solution is to use pagination to return all results. We typically have 400-500 issues per sprint so this is preventing us from using the report.

Thank you @Grabes for providing the request & response details which would be very much helpful in fixing this issue. I will see to that this issue is resolved within this weekend.

This issue is fixed and is available from version 0.46 onward. In case if someone find any issue with this fix then please add a comment in this ticket along with the details of the issue you faced.

That's great! Appreciate the quick turnaround!

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