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Install the extension with a single click and seamlessly integrate with Jira or install it as an App within your Jira Cloud and enable it for all your users. Get things up and running within a minute.

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Jira Assistant Benefits

Suitable for any organizations and all roles

For Managers & PO

  • Comprehensive Insights - Access reports for Worklogs, Sprints, and more.
  • Effective Project Tracking - Estimate vs. Actual report with story points or time estimates for insightful project tracking.
  • Custom Insights - Craft custom reports with grouping and expressions to match your unique needs.
  • Quick Access to Data - Status-wise time spent reports available as convenient gadgets.
  • Enhanced Data Import - Bulk import issues for quicker data entry and management.
  • Agile Estimation - Out-of-the-box support for estimation with the built-in planning poker.
  • Personalized Dashboards - Customize your dashboard and gadgets to optimize your workflow.
  • Export Versatility - Export data in Excel, CSV, and PDF formats for easy sharing and analysis.

For Organization

  • 100% free for commercial use - No restrictions on commercial usage.
  • Fully Open-Source - Jira Assistant is a fully open-source product, ensuring transparency and reliability.
  • Data Privacy - Rest easy knowing no data is collected or stored from your Jira instance.
  • Flexible Compatibility - Works seamlessly with both Jira Data Center and Cloud instances.
  • Multi-Instance Support - Easily integrate with multiple instances of Jira for streamlined management.
  • Cloud App Integration - Install as an app within Jira Cloud for enhanced functionality.
  • Diverse Authentication Options - Choose from various authentication methods for Jira integration.
  • Custom Hosting - Supports self-hosting, providing flexibility to suit your organization's preferences.

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Years of existence

We are proud of our work

For years, Jira Assistant has been the ultimate destination for seamless time tracking and worklog reporting.

Our unwavering dedication to simplifying processes and enhancing user experiences has earned us a prominent place in the industry. As a 100% free and open-source tool, we've consistently provided individuals and teams with a reliable one-stop solution, empowering them to manage their time effectively and achieve their objectives.

Introducing Jira Assistant: Empowering Time Management

Jira Assistant (JA) is a dynamic, open-source tool dedicated to enhancing time tracking since its inception in 2016.

Providing efficient work tracking and diverse reporting capabilities, JA serves personal and commercial needs alike. With easy integration into major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera, as well as the option for a dedicated Jira Cloud app, JA optimizes productivity seamlessly. Effortless installation and configuration, devoid of Jira Admin privileges, ensure quick access to JA's features. Experience consistency across browsers, devices, and Jira instances, and discover efficient work tracking and comprehensive reporting with Jira Assistant today.

Our Mission

Elevated Efficiency in Tracking and Reporting.

Our Values

Focused on Integrity and Continuous Improvement.

7+ Years


Jira Assistant Install Options

Choose how you would like to use it

Browser Extension

  • Seamless Browser Integration - Available for leading browsers – Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Opera.
  • Jira Compatibility - Supports both Cloud and Data Center editions of Jira.
  • Authentication Flexibility - Compatible with various authentication mechanisms such as oAuth 2, forms authentication, and basic authentication.
  • Simple Installation - No admin access or special permissions required for installation.
  • Offline Usage - Works offline without requiring an internet connection post-installation.
  • Enhanced Jira Integration - Injects quick icons for timer functionality directly into Jira boards and issues.
  • Effortless Integration - Quick installation and smooth integration for immediate use.

Cloud App

  • Enhanced Accessibility - Seamlessly accessible for your entire organization within your Jira instance.
  • Data Privacy Commitment - No data collection or storage beyond your browser.
  • Out-of-Box Gadgets - Multiple pre-built gadgets available for effortless integration into your Jira dashboard.
  • Issue-Level Integration - Adds time tracking functionality directly within Jira issue pages.
  • Jira Admin Privilege - Requires Jira Admin privilege for initial installation only.
  • Timely Updates - Receive more frequent updates compared to browser extensions.
  • Compact Custom Version - Custom-built for cloud Jira, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Feature Control - Enables monitoring and control of feature upgrades for a tailored experience.