Version History

Find out what is newly added, changed, fixed, improved or updated in each versions.

v2.59 - 22-Feb-2024 (EXPECTED)

  • Say-Do Ratio Report: New report developed to track Say-Do Ratio with graphical representation for multiple teams
  • #337 Provided option to append custom JQL from Worklog tab of General settings page

v2.58 - 17-Dec-2023 STABLE

  • Security Improvement: Narrowed down permission scope to only access * site by default and other sites as optional
  • #331 Bug Fix: Some of the fields are not visible in fields list tab of worklog report

v2.57 - 13-Nov-2023 STABLE

  • #338 Bug Fix: Header alignment misplacing in tables with two row headers like in case of worklog and sprint report
  • #336 Fix for timer controls not visible in Agile board
  • #335 Random minor improvements
  • #332 Bug Fix: Custom fields of type Cascading select is not working in Custom report
  • #329 Pivot report: New report being developed for generating customized tabular reporting

v2.56 - 19-Sep-2023 STABLE

  • Bug Fix: Count is not visible in calendar when worklogs are pending to be uploaded
  • #327 Bug Fix: Outlook calendar integration failing because of change in API url
  • #326 Bug Fix: Unable to edit JQL in Custom report
  • #323 Bug Fix: Overlapping text when Jira notification count is greater than 99

v2.55 - 05-Sep-2023 BETA

  • Partially upgraded to bootstrap v5.x from v4.x
  • Minor improvement in documentation
  • #318 Bug Fix: Giant YouTube icon blocking the screen
  • #317 Bug Fix: Quoted headers break CSV import

v2.54 - 06-Aug-2023 BETA

  • Bug Fix: Calendar throws error when hide week ends option is selected
  • Major UI refactoring and random bug fixes
  • #314 Enhance the style of worklog timer start icon

v2.51 - 20-Jul-2023 BETA

  • Custom report: Worklog time spent formatting modified to fit exporting
  • Bug Fix: Worklog report sprint wise report not loading with oAuth
  • Disabled formatting of worklog hours spent in custom report to support
  • #308 Users under group not being imported for Data center version of Jira
  • #305 Worklog report: Custom columns not loading for Data center version of Jira
  • #301 Worklog report: Sorting of users and tickets done based on first worklog date
  • #301 Worklog report: Added additional tab for ticket day wise worklog reporting
  • #290 Import worklog doesn't work

v2.49 - 24-May-2023 BETA

  • Added additional range option in Date range picker
  • Workaround fix for options menu in integrate popup hiding immediately once shown in firefox
  • #301 Worklog report - Added Issue Age as custom column
  • #301 Worklog report - Grouped tab - Added option to expand issues by default based on settings
  • #300 Fixed issue for Timer controls not adding to board
  • #298 Resolve minor issue with worklog timer entries and rounding
  • #296 Date format issue resolved for month view in calendar
  • #293 Option added to adjust remaining estimate from add worklog popup
  • #292 Moved expanding of event height behind a settings so that event overlapping is controlled based on user choice
  • #291 Worklog Report: Added support to include one or more custom columns in worklog report
  • #289 Added zoom in and zoom out button and increased the minimum event height so that small events are still readable
  • #287 Saving flat table settings while column selections or grouping is changed
  • #286 Added assignee column to pending worklog gadget
  • #284 Added settings to hide non working days in worklog calendar
  • #283 Worklog Report: Estimation related text wrapping issue resolved and maintaining user expanded state on refresh
  • #283 BugFix: Estimation related text wrapping issue resolved in worklog report
  • #282 BugFix: Exported excel being corrupted due to custom implementation of encoding

v2.48 - 25-Feb-2023 STABLE

  • Added additional range option in Date range picker
  • New Worklog report: Minor fixes in showing cost for tickets under cost view
  • Outlook calendar integration enabled for Jira Cloud app
  • Minor style fixes all over Jira Cloud App
  • #280 BugFix: Export settings/report fails when Jira fields with non ASCII chars are used
  • #280 BugFix: Deleting of reports broken due to major refactoring in previous release
  • #278 Implemented support for adding New Worklog Report as gadget in JA dashboard
  • #277 BugFix: Team managed sprint boards not being pulled in dropdowns for reports
  • #270 BugFix: Showing report name in tabbed view when it is added as custom gadget to dashboard
  • #268 BugFix: Launching API url instead of profile url when clicking on user in groups
  • #267 BugFix: Fixed border color issue with Dark theme for Firefox browser
  • #266 BugFix: Date format issue with Calendar resolved
  • #265 Added option to navigate to current week from calendar top controls
  • #263 Added ticket summary in calendar event based on configuration
  • #254 BugFix: New worklog report not showing data for some users, when using Jira data center. Duplicates #253 & #283

v2.47 - 15-Jan-2023 STABLE

  • Minor fixes in poker module to join room even if extension is not installed
  • #262 BugFix: For data center edition of Jira, worklog does not get uploaded due to mis configuration

v2.46 - 09-Jan-2023 BETA

  • Added timezone check while loading Jira Assistant
  • BugFix: Scrollbar missing in some of the modules including User Groups
  • #261 Worklog Report: Added Summary tab in new worklog report
  • #95 Worklog Report: Provided option to hide non working days or any days without worklog

v2.45 - 09-Jan-2023 BETA

  • Worklog Report: Minor bug fixes and improvements in UI
  • Worklog Report: Added new charts in Visualization tab
  • New Gadget: Worklog Bar Chart gadget
  • BugFix: Sprint time frame view in new Worklog report not working due to scopes issue when using oAuth with Jira
  • #256 Custom report: Added support for using sub expressions
  • #250 BugFix: Epic field not shown in Sprint time frame view of new Worklog report
  • #249 Started using suggestion JQL in new issue picker
  • #95 Worklog Report: Provided option to hide non working days or any days without worklog

v2.44 - 31-Dec-2022 BETA

  • New Jira App: Jira Assistant can now be installed as Jira Cloud App as well within Jira
  • Major refactoring of code to support migrations and customizations
  • New worklog report: Minor bug fixes in filtering of worklog based on sprint
  • #248 TypoFix: Typo error resolved in poker module
  • #244 BugFix: Added date filter while pulling worklogs. This should solve #242 as well
  • #241 Added upload icon for individual worklogs to identify and upload local worklogs
  • #238 BugFix: Fixed broken import settings module
  • #230 BugFix: Now issue picker can lookup for any issue
  • #223 BugFix: Fixed broken dark theme for context menu
  • #215 Bug Fix: Fixes for dark skin in calendar and other modules
  • #175 BugFix: Error from Jira while uploading worklog is properly displayed
  • #111 Add worklog screen: Started showing issue title once the issue is selected from picker
  • #109 Add worklog screen: Can now configure default time spent from General settings -> Worklog tab
  • #100 Add worklog screen: Worklog picker can lookup for any issue
  • #99 Worklog calendar: Support to toggle time grid between full day or working hours view
  • #98 Worklog calendar: Support for alternate row color in time grid
  • #72 Worklog calendar: While drag and drop, now the worklog entries would snap to closest grid

v2.43 - 12-Dec-2022 STABLE

  • Added settings to configure min hours to log which would be used by all reports
  • New worklog report: Supports one or more sprint selection, auto worklog group generation, filtering worklogs with created date, multiple new formatting options, etc
  • #245 Bug Fix: Only top 50 agile boards & sprints were pulled earlier

v2.42 - 07-Nov-2022 STABLE

  • #230 Implemented new Planning Poker feature as a first step towards collaboration
  • Added support for user id and password based authentication for Jira
  • Improved some of the error messages
  • Bug Fix: Dark theme not applied for Import issues module
  • Minor refactoring and upgraded dependencies
  • Minor enhancements done on Report Builder module and minimal documentation added in web site under features

v2.41 - 15-Aug-2022 STABLE

  • Added Jira integration support for extension from within Web
  • While integrating, added support to auto try origin url when Jira Api is not reachable via provided url
  • Added support to import and export groups from User Groups page
  • Intimate user when new version of Jira Assistant is available for download
  • Improved some of the error messages
  • #222 Added timer support for time tracking and generating worklog automatically
  • #67 Implemented import backup functionality for settings from Integrate page and header
  • #52 Added Advanced Settings page as extension options page. Hence Jira url can be changed if old url is unavailable
  • #12 Resolved integration issue with outlook calendar

v2.39 - 03-Aug-2022 STABLE

  • Removed old Import issues module
  • Bug fixes: Formatting issue with time spent fields in Worklog Report - Flat table
  • Major refactoring and package bundle size reduction
  • Edge manifest version upgraded to v3
  • Upgraded to latest GA4 and improvised error reporting
  • #221 Implemented OAuth2 support for authenticating with Cloud version of Jira
  • #67 Implemented export / backup functionality for settings

v2.38 - 25-Jul-2022 BETA

  • Complete rewrite of Import issues module with more new features like option to clone, delete and inline editing of issues
  • Added Chat Bot in website and Contact us page of extension
  • Removed FAQ module from extension as it is not used much. Use chatbot from from website instead
  • #221 Web version of Jira Assistant published to support beta testing of upcoming features
  • #217 Bug Fix: Issue with drag and drop worklog in Month view fixed
  • #209 Bug Fix: Integration issue with Firefox due to wrong service injection

v2.37 - 13-Jun-2022 STABLE

  • #214 Bug Fix: Some times 401 Unauthorized error page is shown even if the user is authenticated with Jira
  • #213 Bug Fix: Unnecessary security warning due to host permissions in chrome

v2.36 - 08-Jun-2022 STABLE

  • Bug fix: Unable to Create new group under user groups
  • #195 Worklog report: Added settings to show Reporter as an optional field

v2.35 - 08-Jun-2022 BETA

  • Added support for linking Jira Groups in JA for viewing reports
  • Web Store upgrade: Upgraded to manifest v3 for better security
  • Bug fix: colspan issue with groupable grid resolved
  • Bug fix: Worklog Calendar - Text overflow issue and uploaded event duplication issue while moving
  • #208 Bugfix: Issue with timespent field in worklog import resolved
  • #200 Bugfix: Alignment issue with small window resolved
  • #199 Custom Report: Minimal documentation added to tool, improvements done in parsing expressions, Added additional setting to hide a field from display so that it can only be used from expression of other fields.
  • #195 Worklog report: Added settings to show various optional fields like Project Name, Parent ticket summary, Epic Number, Issuetype, Assignee in grouped view
  • #189 Bugfix: Multiple worklog import for same issue does not update timespent field

v2.34 - 01-Jun-2022 BETA

  • Added additional views in calendar. Now list view is supported for worklogs and meetings in calendar
  • Added support for user wise daily cost view in worklog report
  • Bug fix: Menu action selection in settings page not working as expected
  • Bug fix: Removed duplicate refresh button from calendar page
  • Bug fix: Dashboard icon continues to look modified even after cancelling the edit operation
  • Major dependency upgrades

v2.33 - 07-Oct-2021 STABLE

  • #196 Bugfix: JS error due to unavailability of working hours settings
  • #170 Bugfix: Added support for configuring displayed hours and working hours separately

v2.32 - 30-Sep-2021 STABLE

  • Storage related major code refactoring to support upcoming features
  • #191 Bugfix: My open ticket logs work in different ticket when the item is not refreshed properly
  • #188 Outlook Calendar bug fixes: All events are not pulled by calendar
  • #89 Dark theme contributed by one of the user

v2.31 - 08-May-2021 STABLE

  • Custom Report: Added support to change display text of column headers.
  • Custom Report: Added more grouping options for string fields.
  • #181 Custom Report: Added support for Math functions in expressions.
  • #185 Import worklog bug fix: Decimal of 0.5 considered as 30 mins which was considered as 5 mins earlier.

v2.3 - 13-Oct-2020 STABLE

  • Fixed: Sprint is not displayed for Self hosted version of Jira.
  • Implemented: Custom report: Option to use Expressions for formatting a field.
  • Removed: Old Custom Report from menu. Accessing with direct Url will continue to work.

v2.2 - 25-Sep-2020 STABLE

  • Fixed: Option columns and some of the custom fields not displaying value properly.
  • Fixed: Votes and Watches showing unnecessary 0.
  • Fixed: Workratio column showing -1s.
  • Fixed: Loader keeps loading on error fetching data.
  • Fixed: Network error message shown for some users.
  • Implemented: Custom report: Toggle groups in gadget view for better experience.
  • Implemented: Custom report: Badge added to show how many columns are visible.
  • Implemented: Custom report: Rearranging of display fields by drag and drop.

v2.1 - 23-Sep-2020 BETA

  • Fixed: Error adding Custom Report as gadget in Dashboard.

v2 - 23-Sep-2020 BETA

  • #165 Fixed: Ticket wise Worklog gadget- Add and Upload worklog functionality not working. Selected date range not retained.
  • Implemented column grouping for Log work field in new Custom report.
  • Turned on Google Analytics by default. This can still be turned off from advanced settings page.

v1.9 - 22-Sep-2020 BETA

  • #157 New enhanced version of custom report is built from scratch.
  • #159 Fixed: Advanced report in different dashboards doesn't refresh when switching directly between dashboards.
  • #164 Fixed: Pulling of worklog details done based on currentUser() function in JQL instead of user email id.
  • Unwanted columns removed from My Reports Gadget.
  • Minor grouping related issues resolved in Status wise time spent gadget.
  • Fixed: Showing unloaded image when iconUrl is not sent from Jira.

v1.8 - 24-Aug-2020 STABLE

  • #157 Added worklog and bookmark options on ticket number field in Custom report
  • #161 Added "Open ticket" menu in worklog context menu of calendar
  • Added worklog and bookmark options for ticket number columns in Status wise time spent gadget

v1.7 - 03-Jul-2020 STABLE

  • #78 Issue key in custom report is linked to Jira issue similar to other gadgets
  • #153 Minor fixes done in import issues and showing error message
  • Minor fixes in rendering the custom gadget and applying format functions

v1.6 - 21-May-2020 STABLE

  • Added Story Points, Original & remaining estimate plus aggregate values to Status wise time spent gadget
  • Changes done to show updates info when clicked on version number.
  • Fixed: Worklog report when exported to excel, numbers are formatted as string
  • Fixed: Gadgets doesn't show appropriate name for sheet while exporting to excel
  • Fixed: In add bookmark popup, when ticket number is entered, it is necessary to press enter once to add it.

v1.5 - 10-May-2020 (EXPECTED)

  • Fixed: Menu doesn't showup in Firefox and Edge

v1.4 - 10-May-2020 (EXPECTED)

  • #150 Development of new report to show Status wise time spent on issues

v1.3 - 28-Apr-2020 BETA

  • Changes done only for publishing related activity as previous versions publish failed. Multiple small features removed to reduce permission uses to speedup review process.
  • For Chrome: To speedup review process in Web Store removed auto filling of current Jira Url in popup while integration.
  • For Chrome: No more integration with Jira will happen through popup. It will open as separate page.
  • Report Builder: Disabled few features / expressions due to moderators review comments in Web Store
  • Report Builder: Removed custom functions features completely. Still thinking of a way to implement it again.
  • All the changes done in last couple of versions were published only in this version.

v1.2 - 27-Apr-2020 STABLE

  • #16 Implemented showing updates from Jira for any changes made to any of the issues user is tagged in.

v1.1 - 27-Apr-2020 BETA

  • #146 Fixes done for 12 / 24 hour format in calendar tiles, based on user settings.
  • Grouping of worklog flat table implemented
  • #138 Adding support for changing display columns for groupable grid.
  • Added support for changing display columns for Flat Grid in worklog report
  • Bug fixes for network error message issue.
  • Settings added to show or hide notification from developer
  • #86 Allowed manual editing of date field in worklog popup.
  • #87 Support adding worklog from Worklog report for same user.

v1 - 18-Apr-2020 STABLE

  • Changes done only for publishing related activity as previous versions publish failed.
  • All the changes done in last couple of versions were published only in this version for Firefox.

v0.99 - 01-Apr-2020 BETA

  • Option provided to enable or disable Google Analytics capture from Advanced Settings page

v0.98 - 19-Mar-2020 BETA

  • #110 Fixed repetition of issue key in autocomplete
  • #148 Fixed issue with adding user to group. This issue is due to modification in Jira API.
  • Import issues fixed - User name mismatch and import failure
  • Import issues fixed - Import failure without project name but with parent ticket number.
  • #135 Import issues with custom field failed sometimes

v0.97 - 28-Feb-2020 BETA

  • Bug Fixes for report loading issue due to property changes in Jira API.

v0.94 - 15-Feb-2020 BETA

  • Bug Fixes for issue where name property is removed from Jira and extension stopped working.

v0.93 - 22-Dec-2019 (EXPECTED)

  • Worklog report: Original and remaining estimate added and controllable through configuration
  • Help videos: Navigation buttons added
  • Import issues: Fixes done for error when clicking on toggle all checkbox with empty records
  • Security: Reduced permissions given to extension for better security

v0.92 - 10-Dec-2019 STABLE

  • Installation: Fixes for configuration issue affecting advanced settings page
  • Calendar: Fix for error when displaying meeting details
  • Sprint report: Fix for error when closing group popup

v0.91 - 04-Dec-2019 STABLE

  • Add worklog popup: Ctrl + Enter shortcut added for saving worklog (#108)
  • Add worklog popup: Auto focus for Ticket No field (#108)
  • Custom report: Fixes done for showing sub-headers in worklog columns

v0.90 - 02-Dec-2019 STABLE

  • Multiple bug fixes throughout application

v0.89 - 01-Dec-2019 STABLE

  • Multiple bug fixes throughout application
  • Enhanced Google analytics to show accurate details including errors