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Why Jira Assistant is free?

The goal behind creating Jira Assistant is to assist individuals who spend significant time in Jira, making routine tasks simpler, without the need to invest in expensive software or yearly subscriptions.

Has Jira Assistant saved you time and streamlined tasks?

If Jira Assistant has made your tasks easier and saved you time, consider making a donation to access an even more advanced tool that can further optimize your workflow.

How Will Your Donation Help Us?

Building and testing Jira Assistant has required significant time and effort. We are committed to keeping it up-to-date with changes in Jira, browser APIs, browser updates, and more. Your one-time donation, whether it's $20 or $30, will motivate us to continue enhancing this tool for your benefit.

While we value the effort put into development, we believe in keeping Jira Assistant free and without third-party ads that could inconvenience users. Your contribution ensures that Jira Assistant remains ad-free, updated, and accessible to all users.

By making a one-time contribution, you're not only investing in your own productivity but also supporting others in accessing an ever-improving tool. Help us maintain Jira Assistant as a valuable resource for everyone.