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Features Overview

Jira Assistant facilitates daily worklog tracking and generates customizable reports. Explore the key features below and navigate to specific modules for more details.


The header of the extensions contain following options.

  • Jira Updates: Displays updates in Jira tickets where you are mentioned or assignee/reporter, smartly listing unviewed updates. Advanced settings allow customization.
  • Developer Notification: Notifies users about updates and known bugs. Adjustable via "Advanced Settings," recommended to keep enabled.
  • Switch Instance: Integrate and switch between multiple Jira instances conveniently.
  • Help Video: Access module-specific help videos using the icon.
  • Dark mode: Personalize the extension's appearance by toggling between dark and light mode icon.
  • Rate / Share: Rate the extension or share it via different platforms using the icon.
  • Contact Developer: Easily reach out to the developer for bugs or suggestions using the icon.

Key Features

Discover the prominent features offered by Jira Assistant. For more information, explore individual modules.

  • Integrate and switch between multiple Jira servers/accounts effortlessly.
  • Create customized dashboards, gadgets, and layouts to suit your requirements.
  • Rearrange gadgets via drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Add existing or custom gadgets to your dashboard.
  • Easily manage worklogs with drag-and-drop and copy features.
  • Efficiently import worklogs and issues via CSV file uploads.
  • Generate built-in reports (Worklog, Sprint, Estimate vs Actual) with extensive customization.
  • Create personalized reports, export definitions, and share for others to use.
  • Automatically generate worklogs for meetings through calendar integration.
  • Categorize users into groups for targeted reporting.
  • Customize the JA icon's behavior, open modules, menus, or a quick view dashboard.
  • Personalize the extension with abundant options from the settings page.

Miscellaneous Features

Explore miscellaneous features available in Jira Assistant. Some are explained further in appropriate modules.

  • Export grids to CSV, Excel, or PDF formats.
  • Utilize groupable grids for column-based data grouping via drag-and-drop.
  • Fixed header and sorting available for all grids during scrolling.
  • Clicking a Jira ticket number opens the corresponding ticket in Jira.
  • Access YouTube video playlists to learn about various features and report builder.