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Installation, Integration and Configuration


Jira Assistant is conveniently accessible across different browsers via their respective web stores. Installation is hassle-free – simply choose your preferred browser. Moreover, a self-distributed version is offered exclusively for Firefox. You can initiate the installation process using the provided link or by selecting the appropriate version from the "Install" menu located above. With its compact size, the extension downloads swiftly and is ready for use within seconds.

Rate and Comment: If you find Jira Assistant valuable, we kindly request a moment of your time to rate it on the respective web store URLs provided above. Your feedback not only helps us reach a wider audience but also motivates our developers to continually enhance this tool for your benefit.

Link to Atlassian Marketplace: You can also add a rating or review in marketplace listing. Note: In marketplace, this extension is available with different name (i.e. JAssistant) because atlassian does not allow the extension name containing any of its product name.

Integration & Configuration

Integrating Jira Assistant with Jira is remarkably straightforward. After installing the tool, the initial integration involves a few simple steps. Authenticate with Jira within your browser and then click on the Jira Assistant icon from your browser toolbar. A popover page will appear, pre-populated with the URL of your current Jira tab. By clicking the "Integrate" button within this popover, the integration process is completed. Notably, there's no need to provide additional credentials, as Jira Assistantseamlessly utilizes your browser's existing Jira authentication.

Note: The behavior of the integration page—whether it opens as a popover or a separate tab, and whether the Jira URL is automatically populated—varies based on the permissions granted to the extension by your browser. This behavior may differ across different browsers and versions.