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Bulk import

Jira Assistant helps to bulk import your data to Jira within minutes. As of today, bulk import option is available only for Issues and Worklogs.

  • You can navigate to bulk import module for issues or worklog and upload the CSV file with all the required columns to upload.
  • You can download a sample template with list of columns which you can fill and upload.
  • Worklog import module only supports columns which are available in sample template, where as with issues you can add or remove columns as you wish.
  • While importing issues, remember that you will have to provide value for all the mandatory fields without which the upload operation may fail.
  • Click on icon which will open a file dialog. You can select the CSV file to be uploaded.
  • Once a file is chosen all the records in the file will be validated and result will be shown on screen.
  • All the records passing the validation will be highlighted with green and records with error will be shown with amber.
  • Each record will have a status column which contains the details about validation like error message in case of validation failure. You can rectify those errors and try to upload it once again.
  • You will be allowed to select individual records to be uploaded. If you do not want a particular record to be uploaded, then just unselect it.
  • Any records having validation issue would be unselected by default and you will not be allowed to select it.
  • Finally click on Import button which will upload all the selected records and status of each records will get updated.
  • For newly created records, issue key will be filled automatically and you can optionally export the data for further reference.