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Estimate vs Actual Report: Enhance Work Insights

The Estimate vs Actual Report plays a pivotal role in enhancing work insights and performance evaluation. This report is designed to provide a clear comparison between the estimated effort and the actual effort for both projects and individual Jira issues. This analysis empowers teams with actionable data to optimize their project management strategies.

The report's output takes the form of a dynamic bar chart, which is customized for each user. This bar chart showcases two distinct bars: one representing the estimated effort and the other indicating the actual effort expended. This visual representation enables users to quickly identify any gaps between expectations and reality.

How to use:

Users have the flexibility to select their preferred estimate type. Whether based on estimated hours per Jira issue or utilizing the story point field, the report offers versatile estimation options. When choosing story points, users can input the 'Hours per Story Point' value to accurately convert story points into estimated hours.

The actual effort is meticulously calculated using the worklogs contributed by users within the specified date range. This reliable data forms the foundation for the actual effort portion of the report.

Configurable Input Fields:

  • User List: Users can effortlessly select individuals for the report, with options auto-populated from the User Groups module. The report accommodates additions and removals of users, ensuring flexibility.
  • Date Range: For accuracy, users can choose the desired date range for fetching worklog details from Jira. While currently mandatory, future enhancements plan to make date range selection optional.
  • Projects: The report facilitates the selection of specific projects to display for each user. To streamline this process, default values can be set in Settings for effortless project selection.
  • Tickets List: Users can add specific Jira issues for direct comparison. Currently, JA supports explicit issue selection, while future enhancements intend to integrate JQL support for more flexibility.
  • Estimate Type: This field empowers users to compare estimates based on either Time estimate or Story Point estimate. Selecting the Story Point option provides an opportunity to configure the 'Hours per Story Point' value, enabling accurate conversion.

The report caters to diverse analysis needs, allowing users to choose between project-level insights, individual issue-level insights, or both. One of these fields is mandatory to ensure a focused analysis. By clicking the "Generate" button, users initiate the report's data processing, resulting in the creation of a comprehensive bar chart within the dedicated Chart tab.

Suggestions are welcome

Suggestions for further enhancements and improvements are welcomed by the developer. Users are encouraged to provide detailed requirements to fine-tune the report's features and functionalities and align them with their unique needs.