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Elevate Insights, Enhance Decisions: Unveil Your Project's Story with Jira Assistant Reports

Custom report

Custom report lets you generate simple report by filtering the data using JQL and selecting the columns to be displayed. Also you can format the data using some predefined formats and you can group by one or more columns.

Report Builder

"Report Builder" can be used by users with some technical knowledge to develop their own report. Using report builder module, almost any kind of simple to advanced reports can be developed. It supports getting various type of input from users, adding validation on input parameters, execute one or more JQL using the input parameters and get data from Jira, process the data in a way you would use it and display it as report. Some of the features supported by Report Builder are as follows.

  • Parameters with different datatypes like date, date range, text, numbers, etc. can be add and user can input the value at the time of generating the report
  • One or more JQL query can be executed in Jira and data can be used to generate report.
  • One or more UI components like Table, Images, Charts, etc., can be dragged and dropped to report and configure it to represent the data.
  • Table UI component allows you to create column and row grouping based on records.
  • You can also add custom menus to grid similar to how gadgets in Jira Assistant contains it.