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Dashboard Features

Create Custom Dashboard

Beyond the provided default dashboard, Jira Assistant empowers you to craft multiple custom dashboards tailored to your preferences. You have the flexibility to populate these dashboards with various gadgets and personalize their appearance.

  • Create Dashboard: Initiate a new dashboard by clicking on the icon located at the top right corner of the dashboard page. Select the "Create Dashboard" option, and a new dashboard with a default name will be generated.
  • Rename Dashboard: Modify dashboard titles and icons by clicking on the icon situated near the dashboard title's top left corner. Once adjusted, save the changes to apply the new name and icon.
  • Delete Dashboard: Permanently remove dashboards by selecting the icon at the top right corner of the dashboard page, then choosing the "Delete Dashboard" option. Note that this action doesn't prompt for confirmation and is irreversible.
  • Change Layout: Switch between Tabbed and Grid layouts for the dashboard by clicking the icon at the top right corner of the dashboard page and selecting "Show in Tabs" menu. Quick view popups always adopt Tabbed layout, regardless of the dashboard's selection.

Manage Gadgets

  • Effectively gather essential data insights through dashboard gadgets.
  • Integrate existing gadgets or add "Custom Report" and "Report Builder" outputs as custom gadgets.
  • Adjust gadget sizing and appearance to suit your preferences.
  • Export data from tables within gadgets in CSV, Excel, or PDF formats, including custom gadgets.
  • Enhance visibility with full-screen gadget mode accessed via the icon.
  • In the Grid layout, effortlessly rearrange gadgets using drag-and-drop functionality.

Below are the inbuilt gadgets available, along with any custom reports listed as gadgets:

  • My Open Tickets: Displays tickets assigned to you in a tabular format. Quickly add worklogs or bookmark tickets via the icon.
  • Bookmarks: Lists bookmarked tickets and enables addition of multiple tickets to the list using the icon.
  • Logged Work - [Daywise]: Summarizes worklogs based on date, within the specified date range.
  • Worklog - [Pending Upload]: Lists worklogs created in the tool that await uploading to Jira, allowing a final review before submission.
  • Logged Work - [Ticketwise]: Summarizes worklogs based on tickets within the given date range.
  • My Reports: Lists reports created via "Custom Report" or "Report Builder" modules, offering edit, rename, delete, and export options. Shareable report definitions can be imported by others.
  • Current Day Calendar: Provides a calendar for adding worklogs for the current day, ideal for quick-view dashboards.
  • Current Week Calendar: Offers a calendar for adding worklogs for the current week, enhancing quick-view dashboards.
  • Status Wise Time Spent: Presents time spent on each ticket's specific status, aiding in issue analysis and agility enhancement.

Quick View

Set a preferred dashboard as the quick view page, accessible as a popover upon clicking the Jira Assistant icon in the browser.

  • To designate a dashboard as the quick view page, click the icon at the top right corner of the dashboard. Choose the "Set as Quick View" option.
  • Quick view always employs the tabbed layout, irrespective of the dashboard layout settings.
Note: Quick view visibility is governed by enabling it under the "Menu Options" tab within the General Settings page.