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  • Don't forget to view the closed issues as well which may have your queries already answered

Use GitHub Issue tracker

Please post your queries in GitHub Issue Tracker

If you find an existing ticket which is similar to your's then just do +1 / thumbsup on that ticket with comments if any, to increase the popularity.

The most popular issues and the one with proper description / scenarios are addressed first. So, don't forget to provide all the necessary descriptions / screenshots which is required by the developers to reproduce / resolve it.

No GitHub Account?

If you do not have a GitHub account and not willing to create one, then you can use the below Url to Contact Us which wont require any authentication. But we would strongly suggest to use the Issues tab instead as it would be easy for you to have a track of the issue and see the status / updates on the issues.

Use this form as an alternate option to get in touch with us. But remember this form is less frequently monitored and expect a delayed response.

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