Thank you for your interest in donating us

Why Jira Assistant is free?

The motive of building Jira Assistant is to help people who are spending lots of time in Jira to get some simple things done or spend lots of money in buying a similar software and paying a lump sum for its subscription every year.

Do you think Jira Assistant saved you some time and helped you to get things easier?

Then it is right time to donate us and get an even better working tool which can save even more of your precious time.

How would my donation be helpful?

We had spent lots of time and effort in building this tool, testing it. We will also have to keep it updated with changes in Jira and browser's API, browser updates, etc. A one-time donation of a small amount like $20 or $30 would encourage us in putting more effort in building an even better working tool for you.

Though we would like to get compensated for the effort we put into development, we are not interested in making it a paid tool and force our users to pay for it, or integrate a 3rd party Ad's in the tool and get compensated by annoying our users.

So, to have your Jira Assistant always free, Ad free and keep it updated, make a one-time contribution of your wish and help yourself and others in building a better working tool for ever.