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#132 - Cannot see worklogs on calendar

sajjan-halarnkar commented on Feb 28, 2020


From last week I have been not able to see my work log entries previously logged. I am able to enter new entries but they gets disappeared from the calendar once the calendar is refreshed. But I confirmed that the work logs are getting saved to Jira, only that they have now stopped showing in the calendar.

When I open the calendar, I get the below error : image

Not sure if the issue is due to above error. Can you please suggest a solution to this?

Thanks, Sajjan Halarnkar

craigmiller160 commented on Feb 25, 2020

What's frustrating is I have a fix for this. I pulled down the code and found the problem. It's a silly bug. The "Network error" is meaningless, not sure why that's happening, but it's not related to the worklogs.

I have a PR that fixes this. I really would like the developer to pay attention and see it.


DarkSlice1 commented on Feb 28, 2020

@craigmiller160 could you tell me how to build your version in a CRX package so i can hand it out to my team. I cant seem to get the NPM build working from the read me attached to the git repro - we've reverted back to 0.63 just get going again.

shridhar-tl commented on Feb 28, 2020

Duplicate of #130 . Hence closing this issue. Track #130 for any updates.