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#17 - Add custom format function option in custom report

shridhar-tl commented on Sep 14, 2019

Currently custom report allows the user to use the format function to change the display format of individual column. Their are a set of pre-defined functions at this point. Need a option to allow the user to add their own function and use it to format the fields.

Following are the issues in implementing this functionality:

  • Need to think of a new design to accommodate this change. Anyone is welcome to suggest a good design wireframe / image.
  • Currently this tool is supporting Chrome & Firefox and have a though of extending support for other browsers too. Some of the browsers do not allow parsing of script dynamically due to security reasons and some browsers like Firefox have lots of security related restrictions which makes it complex to implement. But if a design is suggested / finalized then will implement this feature for supported browsers alone.

Till the time this feature is implemented, you can always raise a new issue to implement/add a particular format function as a inbuild option which would be quick and easy to implement. But if you are requesting for a new format function please be clear with all the required details / screenshot to understand your requirements clearly.

shridhar-tl commented on Sep 14, 2019

As this feature can be achieved using Report Builder, this is no more in need. Hence closing this issue.