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#20 - Firefox version of extension was disabled after the latest release of Firefox

shridhar-tl commented on Dec 05, 2019

After the latest version of Firefox is released, for some users the extension is automatically disabled / removed.

Solution: If the extension is disabled you can enable it again from the "Add-ons" menu in Firefox. If it is removed, then you will have to install it again from the following URL: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/jira-assistant/

But unfortunately, in store as well it is disabled. So till new version is uploaded again to Firefox addons store, their is no way around this to use in Firefox. I assume a new version will be available for Firefox in a couple of weeks from the date of this issue being raised.

shridhar-tl commented on May 05, 2018

This issue has been resolved and now Firefox version is again available for use. Hence closing this ticket.

TISindiaSupport commented on Aug 22, 2018

same problem again

shridhar-tl commented on Aug 23, 2018

Hi @TISindiaSupport , Jira Assistant will not be available in Firefox Addon store anymore. You have an alternate for this from the issue #43 .

You can find the download link for Firefox version from the below url: https://github.com/shridhar-tl/jira-assistant

shridhar-tl commented on Dec 05, 2019

Jira Assistant is once again available in Firefox addon store since long time now.