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#209 - doesn't connect using Firefox

giorgiobeggiora commented on Aug 12, 2022

The extension connects using Chrome, but not using Firefox. Proxy settings are set to "Use system settings" for both of the browsers, and system settings is set to "Auto discovery". The JIRA URL is not under VPN. I tried three different networks.

NETWORK ERROR. Unable to connect to server. Please check your network connectivity.

view2killu commented on May 08, 2022

the same here...

Silverium commented on Jul 07, 2022

Moreover, the debugger log says: "Chrome Browser service injected" Which is wrong, because it's a Firefox browser. In my other computer it works and it says "Firefox Browser service injected"

shridhar-tl commented on Jul 08, 2022

Hi @Silverium - Thank you for your findings. This would be helpful in resolving the issue. I will try to resolve this issue by this weekend.

Silverium commented on Jul 08, 2022

Moreover, the firefox browser working was a Firefox Developer Edition v101.XXX and the Firefox version NOT working is v103.XXX. (64-bit both)

shridhar-tl commented on Aug 12, 2022

I hope this issue is resolved already in previous release. Please reopen this ticket if you are still facing this issue.

Additionally, some of the known issues due to invalid input is provided with workaround fix in upcoming version. Additionally improved error messages would help in understanding the error easily.

Silverium commented on Aug 12, 2022

Yes, thanks. Your swift fix convinced me to donate to the project. Every bit counts :)