Jira Assistant Issues

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#21 - Additional option to store Jira user credentials in this tool and automatically authenticate if the user is not already authenticated in Jira.

shridhar-tl commented on Dec 27, 2022

Currently this tool will not ask for Jira credentials to integrate with Jira. It will use the authentication from browser. So before integrating this tool with Jira or use this tool for daily activities, user must be authenticated in Jira from the browser.

To remove this restriction this tool can get and store the Jira credentials. So that when ever the user is not authenticated in browser, this tool will automatically authenticate the user in Jira using the credentials.

This feature will be implemented only based on pupularity. If anyone feel this feature will really help you in getting things quickly, you can +1 this. Based on the count of +1, this feature will be implemented in order with other features.