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#216 - Decimal separator on Excel Export

JPFMC commented on Dec 30, 2022

When Exporting a Custom Report to Excel/CSV there is no way to configure what is the decimal separator and always is used "."

It would be great to add an option to settings configuration to be able to use "," or automatically retrieve it from browser.

Using Chrome.



shridhar-tl commented on Dec 30, 2022

Hi @JPFMC - What do you see in UI? Do you see "." or ","?

When it comes to export functionality it just export what ever you see in UI and so I do not see what could cause this issue.

When it comes to UI, I am not specifically setting the format and it should have by default used systems/browsers number format. So I would like to know what is happening with UI in first place. Providing a screenshot should help me understand what is causing this issue.

Also let me know what is your local set in OS?

It seems to be a risky option to try changing my local to test this issue. So this is not something I can easily reproduce and hence I would request your help in understanding this issue better.