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#235 - Question regarding the possibility

DavorZg commented on Nov 12, 2022


Do you have a possibility in the tool to provide info on when the user logged the time on ticket. So not only on which date, but also the view when did he performed this activity.

Thank you, Davor

shridhar-tl commented on Nov 01, 2022

As of now it is not available. But that should be possible. You can provide some suggestions on what would be the appropriate place in worklog report to provide these details.

Providing it in flat worklog tab of worklog report would be the most easiest option. Additionally, if you just wanted to know the log time of individual worklogs, it would be very simple to get it implemented using custom report or report builder using expressions.

Let me know what/where exactly you are expecting for this information and I can help you with getting it.

DavorZg commented on Nov 09, 2022

Great news :).

What ever is easier for you, but I would appreciate to have also the option to filter for example worklogs that are entered in particular month, currently i have te possibility to see worklog that is for certain day/week/month.

I hope you understand :), because when someone is monitoring the project and looing at budget side it is important to know if someone entered the worklog after the "freeze time".

shridhar-tl commented on Nov 12, 2022

Hi @DavorZg - just to understand bit more about it, do you want to just ensure that you see worklogs created between a specific date range or you want to see worklogs on daily basis based on created date?

I mean, for example worklog is created on 12th Nov for 30 Sep. Currently that worklog is shown under 30Sep. Do you want this to be shown under 12th Nov instead or do you expect to just filter out this worklog and do not show it based on some date range?