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#236 - User Group define Working Time

MaeChr commented on Dec 12, 2022

It would be nice if it is possible to define for each user how many (hours, minutes) he is allowed to work.

  1. for each day the same time (defined once)
  2. define for each day the individual time somebody has to work if it is not the same for each day, as an example if a user has always free on tuesday

Finally it could be possible to calculate the time between the worked hours and the hours the user should have worked

shridhar-tl commented on Nov 03, 2022

Hi @MaeChr , I am not sure if I understand well or not clear what you are trying to achieve. If you are looking for an option to restrict the user from logging more hours than configured, then it is not achievable. If it is restricted in the tool, they can very well log it from Jira directly.

If you are looking for option to just view it in report, then this is not a very common use case and so I would suggest using Report Builder for that. Let me see if I could create one and send it over.

MaeChr commented on Nov 04, 2022

Hi @shridhar-tl: I don't want to restrict the time of logging. I only want to see the difference between daily logged time and the time a user has available for each day. Since I am not a JIRA Admin, it is maybe possible to get the information out of the tempo addon. Because there the available time for each user seems to be defined. So in the Worklog Report i can see for each day (green worked the hours planed [+/- 30 Minutes (or individual defined time) ], red worked less than he should or blue worked more than he should)

MaeChr commented on Dec 12, 2022

Hi! In the JIRA Tempo Plugin this is already defined for each User.