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#259 - Worklog - Add filter to query params and load filter from query params if available

nothing-personal-gh commented on Jan 10, 2023

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I use the new worklog page everyday to track if I am meeting the allocated budget of hours for the current month. So I visit https://app.jiraassistant.com/2/reports/worklog everyday. I click on the calendar icon and select 'This Month'.

To save on 2 clicks and load the filtered view automatically, we could add the filter name to the URL after selecting a filter. Eg.

https://app.jiraassistant.com/2/reports/worklog?filter=thisMonth https://app.jiraassistant.com/2/reports/worklog?filter=lastOneMonth

We could then bookmark this URL and load this straightaway. The worklog page will check if there is a query param and load the worklog for the filter from the query param.

I can raise a PR for this change if you think this is useful and can tell me which files I need to modify for this feature.

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shridhar-tl commented on Jan 10, 2023

Hi @nothing-personal-gh Thank you for your suggestion. But this is already duplicate of #228 and #8. Partial implementation is already in place to prefill the previously selected value. However I am not loading the data automatically just because worklog report pulls huge data and if user has clicked on worklog report accidentally, it would end up as unnecessary load to Jira server.

That too at this point, as both old and new worklog reports are available, there is a very good chance that user select wrong report than what they wanted to use. So as of now, I will keep it on hold and later will think about it again.

By the way, I am also thinking about providing new worklog report as gadget which you can configure for specific settings and add it to specific dashboard which may remove the need for this feature.

Let me think through it for sometime.