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#272 - "Add worklog" shows issues that are not of interest

kaibareis commented on Mar 02, 2023

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JA updated recently from V2.43 to V2.47 since than I noticed that the "add work log" dialog shows issues that are not assigned to me and/or already closed and are not in my bookmark list. This behavior makes it hard to find the issues I want to log time to. Could this be related to the following issue https://github.com/shridhar-tl/jira-assistant/issues/100 which was added recently?

Setting a Ticket suggestions JQL reduces the amount of shown issues, but this workaround doesn't include the issues from the bookmarks. And it still shows issues not assigned to me in the Ticket no Dropdown as Recent issues.

I would suggest to ether make this feature configurable or prioritize the shown issues by "My issues&Bookmarks" and that the other issues.

Issues shown that are not assigned to me and are closed image

with mentioned workaround image

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shridhar-tl commented on Jan 25, 2023

Hi @kaibareis - Yes, the change is based on #100. But the issue picker is already configurable. Have you tried using "Ticket suggestions JQL" setting in Advanced Settings page. Try setting its value to something like "assignee=currentUser() AND resolution=Unresolved and status != Closed" and see if that helps.

Please let me once you tried it.

kaibareis commented on Jan 25, 2023

Hi @shridhar-tl thanks for your feedback. That's what I also tried yesterday as a workaround but this still shows issues that are not related to me, also it doesn't list my added bookmarks. With v2.47 and used "Ticket suggestion JQL": There are still some issues listed that are not assigned to me and the bookmarks don't show up. image

I have also temporarily restored the v2.42 chrome extension from a backup from December to check the old behavior. As expected it lists only my issue and the three bookmark entries image

additional example from v2.42 where I search for EOL. V2.42 only lists my issue as i would have expect it. image

while v2.47 (with Ticket suggestion JQL Filter set "assignee=currentUser() AND resolution=Unresolved and status != Closed") lists the following. image

Without that filter the list is even longer.

shridhar-tl commented on Jan 30, 2023

I understand your concern and I see there have been some issue with filtering of issues. But un assigned issues are listed just because there have been some activity in those issues by you like adding comments or viewing it recently, etc.

This implementation was done not just based on single request. There have been multiple requests over years to show unassigned tickets in suggestions and that is the reason this implementation has been done. There have been lots of cases where worklog is added in closed tickets as well and by so by default I won't be able to remove closed tickets from list.

Having lots of settings is also causing confusions for users and resulting in too many questions from users over different medium where it becomes difficult for me to answer all those questions on daily basis. So Let me think through this and see what I could do to satisfy both type of users. Will do something for this in upcoming release.

AuldinSolutions commented on Mar 02, 2023

I am having a similar issue. The Recent issues in the Add Worklog popup is not honoring the JQL suggestions filter.

Here is my Open Tickets and Ticket Suggestions filter: status not in ("Closed", "Done") AND fixVersion = EUX.2023.R2 AND assignee = CurrentUser() AND issueType = 'Story'

But the suggestions is showing me stories in a previous fixVersion and their status is Closed. My work's JIRA configuration is such that I cannot do anything with closed or done stories. It would be nice to have the option for Recent issues to also honor the ticket suggestions filter.