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#275 - Unable to login on firefox

filippo-bodini commented on Feb 14, 2023

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Bug Description

the Jira assistance extension fails to integrate with the company where i work, (https://jira.siav.it/) showing this error:

Unknown server This is not a valid Jira server url or the server does not respond.

It seems to be a problem with my site but on chrome works perfectly. This plugin was used on firefox until a week ago, then stopped to work. I reinstalled the latest version but nothing happened. Api doesn't seem to start any call because i don't see anything on network / xhr screenshot error

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shridhar-tl commented on Feb 08, 2023

Hi @filippo-bodini, How did you verify network log? In Firefox, there is no straight forward way to inspect the popup over window of extension. Try accessing the following integrate page directly in Firefox browser and there you would be able to check the network log. See if there are any console errors as well. Just in case if it integrate properly, then you would be able to use the extension there after.


filippo-bodini commented on Feb 08, 2023

sorry @shridhar-tl , if i enter in the bar, if I enter moz-extension://55178e35-1987-4feb-a251-d8df8a84087e/index.html#/integrate nothing happens and if I try to click on options near the extension title


the menù loads for a moment and disappears very quickly. seems that the whole application is flawed. The version is the latest con win 10. I'll try to reinstall firefox from scratch

shridhar-tl commented on Feb 12, 2023

Hi @filippo-bodini , When you try to load the link you should see the page like in following snapshot. From that page you should be able to integrate or press F12 and see the console errors. When you say nothing happens, I'm not clear what you mean. Can you try it again and if that did not work, can you please send me a screenshot of console log.


filippo-bodini commented on Feb 14, 2023

hi @shridhar-tl , sorry for the inconvenience. Plugin restarted working after I cleaned all the cache. If the organization page is blocked for legacy or wrong certificates, the plugin crushes without noticing the error. Now, after the cache clear it seems to work as expected, you can close the bug.