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#277 - SPRINT REPORT - Can not see "Team Managed Software" Projects but only Company Managed

SingletonM commented on Feb 16, 2023

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Bug Description

I have stopped being able to see "Team Managed Software" projects in the Sprint Drop Down, i can see them as projects, but not allowed to put them into Rapid View. The only projects i can now see in the Sprint reports are "Company Managed Projects" with boards.

I used to have this functionality until an update over Dec 2022. Can you please tell me if there is a way through Sprint report i can see the boards / sprints for "team managed software" i only have 10 or more projects

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shridhar-tl commented on Feb 13, 2023

@SingletonM - I was not aware of this issue so far and right away do not have a solution handy. I will have a look at it and try to provide a fix by end of this week or ASAP.

shridhar-tl commented on Feb 15, 2023

Hi @SingletonM - This issue has been resolved and is already published for Web Version of tool. It would be available for extension users as part of JA v2.48 release which would happen by end of this month.

For now, you can access web version and generate report. Additionally you can try to add your board in general settings default values tab -> Rapid view. Once you add it from Web Version, I hope in extension it would persist the value and you should be able to generate report. If not, you can continue to use Web version until updates are pushed for extension.

SingletonM commented on Feb 15, 2023

I can confirm that the WEB version is now working as expected, thank you so much for your help & speedy response.