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#281 - Add ability to submit issue edits

jhallerpi commented on Feb 13, 2023

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  • I had verified that there are no existing requests with similar suggestion in issue tracker
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Feature Suggestion

I would like to be able to make changes to issues other than adding worklogs. For example, the first thing I think would be useful is the ability to add a comment to an issue. I know I can currently add a worklog comment, but I am referring to the issue comment.

Other simple changes would be nice as well, e.g., status, assigned to, etc.


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shridhar-tl commented on Feb 13, 2023

@jhallerpi - Thank you for your suggestion. This is already being discussed as part of #7. Referencing the ticket here for tracking purpose. Primarily in Jira Assistant I try to provide features which is not directly available or which is hard to achieve directly in Jira. This feature is already part of Jira and is simple and straight forward to achieve it.

One practical issue with implementing this is, once such feature is introduced, there is no end for what all fields to be included. Each user would have unique opinions and use cases and would be really hard to satisfy all the users.

So I will have this feature on hold for now and will try to implement it based on popularity. However if you have any ideas/suggestion on how/where this feature can be implemented within Jira Assistant, please feel free to provide those details. I will try to allocate some bandwidth for that when ever possible.

jhallerpi commented on Feb 13, 2023

Thank you for you quick response and apologies for not finding #7 before submitting.

I completely understand your reasoning and that you aren't trying to create a complete front end for Jira.