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#288 - Unable to add user without site access to User Groups.

SSeltonrijch commented on Mar 10, 2023

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Bug Description

It is not possible to add user to the user group, which do not have site access anymore. image image

While other users with site access do appear in the list: image

This makes it difficult to generate Worklog Report with old users who no longer are active in the company. The only way is to activate them with site access, which I do not want to do, because then they can login again.

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shridhar-tl commented on Mar 06, 2023

Hi @SSeltonrijch - This is duplicate of #143. There is a workaround mentioned for now to generate report. You can directly provide the username in the box and hit enter and it should work. It seems the API returns only the active users who has access to site and that is the reason you are not seeing it in autocomplete. Not sure if there is a fix for this. However you have workaround as mentioned in the old ticket.

Please let me know if it helps for now.

shridhar-tl commented on Mar 10, 2023

Hi @SSeltonrijch - Here is the API I have been using to search for the users and that API does not have an option to return inactive users. It looks like there is no way to search for active and inactive users to gather. So I am moving this issue on hold for now and later if I find some way to solve it, will do the implementation.