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#295 - One issue don´t show logs/records in worklog calendar

frgopplus commented on May 21, 2023

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  • I had verified that, no similar issues are already reported in issue tracker
  • I had tried reproducing this issue with with Web version of Jira Assistant to ensure that this issue is not recently fixed and yet to be published
  • I had verified that, my query is not answered in FAQ section of website
  • I had verified that, my issue is not listed as known bugs in website

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Self hosted (datacenter)

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Bug Description

At worklog calendar, i can view all logs from different issues except one. This issue have at this time 2322 worklogs in database (SQL Server). The gap in calendar is empty for logs from this issue.

jira assistan issue 2 jira assistan issue

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shridhar-tl commented on May 09, 2023

@frgopplus - This issue happens primarily due to indexing issue with Jira. As you are using self hosted version of Jira, it becomes your companies responsibility to index your instance of Jira. Please check with your Jira Administrator to see when was Jira indexed at last. If it is long time back, then its time to re-index Jira to resolve this issue.

Such issue was raised many times so far and every time the issue was due to indexing only. So hope fully this time also same solution resolves the issue.

Other that that, just ensure that this specific Jira ticket is not having too many worklogs. When I say too many, I mean more than 1000's of worklog. If that was not the case, then most probably indexing is going to solve the issue.

shridhar-tl commented on May 21, 2023

@frgopplus - Were you able to resolve this issue?

shridhar-tl commented on May 21, 2023

Hi @frgopplus - Assuming your issue is resolved, closing this ticket. Please feel free to reopen it if you are still not able to resolve it and would need additional support from me.