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#303 - autocompletion suggestions not always visible

tyriis commented on May 31, 2023

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Build: 2023-05-27 13:05:48

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Bug Description

First of all: thanks a lot for your work and this amazing software :heart:

I have a lot of smaller tasks over my day(s) and I keep the window open in the browser. After some time (hard to say when this happen, but at some time it always happen). The suggestion overlay when typing the jira ticket description is not showing anymore (it is there as I can navigate with my arrow keys and select an entry). I am using the calendar view

As a workaround, I hard reload the browser window (crtl + r)

I guess it is something with the z-index.

I am not able to make a screenshot or video now as I have already reloaded.

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tyriis commented on May 30, 2023

here you can see a screencast from the issue.


shridhar-tl commented on May 31, 2023

@tyriis - Thank you for reporting this issue. Yes, you are right. This is an z-index related issue and is known since some time.

Basically the autocomplete or any other popover like for dropdown, datepicker, etc hides behind the popup window and so users were not able to select.

I have already tried many workarounds and still the control overrides all my workaround. This is primarily as issue happening with the 3rd party controls I'm using and so it has been difficult to solve it from my end. I will see if I can raise this as an issue in that control itself if I could reproduce it in a sample project.